Registration Of Business Name

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BUSINESS NAME is also called sole proprietorship, and sometimes end with  Enterprise or Ventures or without the word {enterprise, or Ventures}. how to know if a business is register has a business name 

  1. Name of presenter or presenters (Business owner name)
  2. Address (location of the business {home address can be used if you don’t have office address yet} )
  3. Two propose business name
  4. Two recent passport of business owner/owners
  5. General nature of Business: {select  from template}
  6. Residential address of director/directors
  7. Occupation
  8. Email address and phone numbers
  9. Date of Birth
  10. Date of commencement of Business
  11. Nationality

please note that individual Business owner or proprietors can register their Business name with the Commission without using an accredited agent or lawyer. 

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